Ditch the Naming Struggle!

Find the perfect name that attracts the clients of your dreams!

Are you tired of staring at your screen, struggling to find the perfect name for your online masterpiece? Your products, courses, membership, lead magnets and even your business deserve names that captivate, stand out, and resonate with your audience.

Imagine having the ability to create names that not only represent your brand but also attract your ideal customers and clients.

Introducing The Name Game Course – the ultimate system for naming "your thing." Name your digital product, membership, course, business, lead magnet & more!

You have blank paper naming paralysis...

Facing the blank paper in your notebook is overwhelming. You’re afraid to make the wrong choice. Or maybe you think the creative process isn’t for you. 

Your name ideas are boring, over-used...

The journey to find that elusive name can feel like an exasperating expedition, where you end up with a list of boring, over-used names.

It's taking forever to pick a perfect name...

Selecting a name is holding you back from launching anything. Yes…you are absolutely frozen! Don't worry! This is very common! You aren't alone!

Maybe you've spent countless hours brainstorming names that feel more like a snooze-fest than a standout success...

The Name Game

The ultimate system for naming "your thing."
Name your digital product, membership, course, business, lead magnet & more

Say hello to The Name Game! – where we turn naming from a headache into your secret weapon.

Led by seasoned marketing professional Deb Mitchell, this course is your key to crafting names that dazzle, intrigue, and hook your audience. Sound scary? Don't worry! The Name Game is a step-by-step unique process where Deb guides you each step of the way using her proven brainstorming and naming methods!

From unraveling the magic behind compelling names to mastering creative tricks that make you stand out in the digital crowd, Deb has you covered. Wave goodbye to lackluster names and embrace ones that attract your ideal customers.

Embark on a naming journey with Deb in "The Name Game" and unlock the art of crafting names that truly shine. No more getting lost in the crowd – let's craft names that make you unforgettable!


Learn (and accomplish!) in The Name Game Course:

  • Identify what your "Thing" is...yes you need to narrow down exactly what you want to name!
  • How to research your niche, industry, marketplace, market to create a name that matches
  • How to research your people...after all, you've got to know them to attract them!
  • Create a "Thing" Statement that will help keep you on track during the naming process.
  • Deb's Best Brainstorming Behaviors (remember this is one of her superpowers!)
  • Deb's unique proprietary methods...her 6-step naming process will walk you through the process step-by-step.
  • Follow Deb's naming strategies to spark remarkable results!
  • How to create Name Mashups.
  • Why using The Name Game's Word Banks can shorten your naming journey.
  • Actionable techniques that will revolutionize the way you vet and decide on your final name.
  • BONUS...you'll get Deb's secret sauce that NO ONE is teaching!
  • BONUS...AI tips and prompts to make the process a bit easier if you get stuck


Actionable videos that take you step-by-step through Deb's naming process!

Are you ready to Name Your Thing?

Hello I'm Deb Mitchell...

Not only am I a Community Builder & Marketing Strategist but I LOVE naming things!

I'm frequently tagged in groups and hired to help people name their thing. Early in my marketing career I was lucky to work at some of the most well known design firms in the San Francisco Bay area and spent years working in the luxury goods market.

I've been involved with naming everything from businesses, products, courses and more!

YES...today AI makes it a lot easier these days and I love using it as a tool...but I believe there is a LOT more to naming! I'm excited to share what I've learned along the way with you! You'll find I'm spilling A LOT of secrets in this course! 

I consider naming one of my secret superpowers!

Looking forward to working with you!

The Name Game is the perfect system for creating a name you love!

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