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Atten: online business owners, membership owners, and course creators YOU NEED our system!

 1. Our Community Review System that focuses on asking the right questions that will help you unlock your progress.

2. Our Journal of Awesomeness System that gives you everything you need to make plans, track your progress, and celebrate your wins so you can ROCK 2023!

3. Our over-the-shoulder walk-through session filled with top tips from a community professional so you get the most out of this resource.

4. FREE BONUS: Get accountability! You'll be invited to Membership Wow's Virtual Progress Party Membership for all of 2023. You'll join other members quarterly and learn from their success and progress while also celebrating yours. Includes sessions of our famous Community Brainstorming Chats! 

4 things you MUST do to grow & improve your community


Pinpoint your community progress regularly so you know where to focus your upcoming efforts


Ask yourself important questions designed to identify what's working and what's not


Set goals and make plans that will help you achieve your grand vision


Don't be afraid to reassess, restructure, recalibrate, shoot higher, shoot lower, or even change directions


We are happy to share our exact system!

What to expect...

You'll be getting a FREE download our Community Review tool and a copy of our Journal of Awesomeness Tool. Deb will also provide a over-the-shoulder walk-through to ensure you get the most out of this free resource.

This experience is the perfect way to both reflect on 2022 and kick off 2023!

This is NOT a time to be hard on yourself or be upset for not doing as well as you anticipated, but instead…it’s time to simply take inventory. It's important to recalibrate where you are with your goals to ensure they're on tract and realistic. Spending this time reflecting will then give you the ability to better plan for 2023. You can reassess, restructure, recalibrate, shoot higher, shoot lower, or change directions all together.

Our Community Review is also a fabulous time to dream! Let your mind wander. Get inspiration from other people’s ideas and 2023 plans. Think about the future. Look at where you want to go in 2023 then start figuring out the steps needed to get there!

Our Membership Progress Party Plan:
Pre-party you'll gather your info and update the trackers. The quarterly Progress Party will kick off with a quick review and celebration of your quarterly progress...

You'll identify what's working and what isn't. Then we'll focus on a particular area and the group will work together to generate new ideas and solutions to questions and challenges identified in the Progress Party.

During the party, you'll create a list of actions and start building a plan for moving forward. 
At the end of the party, we’ll launch into one of Deb's famous Community Brainstorming sessions!

Hello I'm Deb Mitchell

I'm a Community Builder & Membership Strategist + Founder of Membership WOW + Creator of Community Builders' Paradise + Community Manager at Agorapulse.

I LOVE all things community and am excited to draw upon my 25+ years of marketing and community building experience to help you create the community of your dreams! Looking forward to working with you!

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